We give awards to 16 colleges across Canada. The schools select their own bursary recipients based on our criteria that includes:

  • Enrollment in an accepted pre-employment skilled trade
  • Unmet financial need
  • Demonstrated academic proficiency


Thanks & Appreciation

Team Leader attends Fanshawe College Awards Ceremony

Hello everyone, I want to share with you all an experience I had this week and I ask all of you to share it with your Team Members.jamie

On February 16th, I had the pleasure of representing the Princess Auto Foundation during a Bursary Ceremony at Fanshawe College. It is an event that celebrates student accomplishment and community generosity towards students that excel academically and within their community and volunteerism. The Princess Auto Foundation awarded bursaries to 36 students attending various programs at Fanshawe. I met students from all walks of life with different interests, backgrounds and goals for the future. They all had one thing in common tonight, they all displayed overwhelming gratitude for what Princess Auto, and therefore all of your Team Members have done for them. Every interaction I had with students and parents ended with them thanking us for our generosity. The faculty and executive of Fanshawe College that were in attendance as well made a point of showing their gratitude for everything the Princess Auto Foundation has accomplished in furthering education and giving students opportunities.

It was a humbling experience to be on stage as the final presenter and listen to an outstanding ovation from every member in the audience. I don’t think I can describe it other than feeling like I was accepting thanks on behalf of every Princess Auto Team Member, Princess Auto Foundation Team Member, and customer that has ever showed their generosity to the Foundation.

It was my pleasure to represent our company, and all of our Team Members efforts to raise funds for the Princess Auto Foundation at a fantastic event. Please extend thanks, from every student, parent and education advocate I spoke with tonight, to everyone involved in our company. Hopefully this helps them understand the amazing impact they have on people’s lives. It is a fantastic illustration of living our company’s and Princess Auto Foundation’s values.

Thanks so much everyone!

Jamie Vanderweyst

Who has a trade may go anywhere.

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